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Gleam prestige
Washing is done using microfiber, which has the property to lustre the paint. The resulting gleam on surfaces reinforces the prestige of the services you offer and gives your customers an image of an airline that is financially healthy and takes care of the maintenance of its fleet.
Polished result – microfiber
Using microfiber ensures high quality finish, similar to the shine of a new paint. The mechanical action is similar to a polish. The result is far beyond a simple wash. You really offer to your aircrafts the care they deserve.
CO2 emission reduction
A clean plane consumes less fuel and consequently reduces its CO2 emission. Bluecare is proud to participate in your fight for the environment. The original idea behind the company is to contribute to the protection of the planet. A number of major airlines (Air France, Air Canada …) have already seen the benefit from waterless cleaning, and realized benefits to financial and operational performance.
Support your commitment to environment
Waterless cleaning saves 10 000 m3 litres of water per large aircraft. Combined to environmentally friendly product this figure easily proofs your commitment to the protection of the environment. Washing without water can form the basis of distinctive and successful communication operations.


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