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offers you :

Faster cheaper wash
It takes less time than wet washing, with the same team size. Our microfiber process uses less product: consequently our price is cheaper than comparative services.
Less fuel consumed
Clean aircraft consumes less fuel. Airbus calculated the monthly additional fuel cost for a “dirty” A320 : from 2 000 to 8 000 USD . Cleaning your aircraft becomes a first easy way to save money.
Save cost of repainting frequency
The lower part of the fuselage, especially after the landing gear, is exposed to corrosion. Washing frequently these areas extends the lifetime of paint, avoiding repainting too often.
Wash schedule included
Taking charge of your wash planning, we offer you to save human and material resources necessary for the implementation and the reactive updating of wash schedules.
Increase aircraft availability
We can wash during maintenance operations. Your plane is immediately available at the end of maintenance. You do not need extra time for washing. You increase your commercial capacity.
No wax needed
Most of planes are waxed once a year, or even more. This is an expensive operation that means that your aircraft is unavailable for several days. With our unique microfiber technology you do not need to use wax anymore. Your plane keeps its shine throughout the year.
No washing area – no towing
We wash anywhere and do not need a dedicated area. We work where your plane is parked. You save the cost of towing and the charge of retreatment of waste water.
Reduce risks of damage
We wash exclusively by hand, with biodegradable products. We do not have any machines. Safe of processes combined with the product reduce greatly the risk of damage. We even do not use a brush in particular areas like pitot probes. We have a 100% accident free safety record. Our insurance company, Allianz, appreciates the way we operate, and reduces each year the amount of our fee. Yours could do the same.
Modular cleaning packages
To be as close as possible to your constraints, we can provide a modular washings programme depending on time and surfaces to be cleaned. So you can monitor your washing budgets month, quarter or year.


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