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offers you :

Maintenance and wash simultaneously
Because of non water projection, and non-use of electrical or mechanical equipment we work simultaneously with your maintenance team. Washing is not a separate operation. Even painting is possible at the same moment because we do not spray product in atmosphere.
Safe products - biodegradable
Our main product is an organic one, fully biodegradable. It is safe for surfaces and also users. No protective clothing is required. No danger to eyes or skin. You can even drink it ! The guarantee that all parts of your aircraft can be washed without risk of damage.
Fast effective cleaning
We do not take more time than traditional wet washing. With 4 people we only take 8 hours for a Boeing 777, with an incomparable better level of result. Additionally, cleaning can be divided into several days depending on the availability of the aircraft. You do not lose aircraft availability with our washing.
Flexible mobile teams
Our team is fully mobile, because of non heavy material to carry or power source to find. We move to your plane and not the other. We have not got complex Personal Protective Equipment. Our team is quickly operational, ready to respond whenever your plane is available.
Wash anywhere – hangar, tarmac, maintenance area
There is absolutely no drop of liquid on the ground, only on microfiber just moistened. We can wash in a hangar, on the tarmac, on the maintenance area, or the commercial one, just before your passengers get on the plane. You do not need to tow your aircraft on a dedicated washing area.
No waste water to remove
The volume of liquid we use is less than 20 litres for a Boeing 777. It is only used to wet wipes. No drop on ground. You save the cost and the unavailability of a washing area.
Reports and inspection
After each wash we report listing the areas cleaned, the staff present, the start and end of the intervention. We perform a visual inspection of the aircraft before and after washing. Every default is reported immediately to maintenance teams. We take photos and join them to the report.
No heavy machinery around the aircraft
We only use microfiber wipes and brushes, with sprayers. All the work is carried out by hand, is precise and non aggressive. No risk of damage to your aircraft by manipulating machinery or even water under pressure.
Flexibility of wash schedule
The schedule of washing is included in our offer. It gives us a wide adaptability to move the aircraft wash based on your operational constraints. Bluecare offers you an optimal flexibility.


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